Natalia Aceves

Global Contemporary

Natalie Aceves has been dancing since the womb and is born and based out of the Bay Area. Her creative practices are rooted in dance, education and the healing arts. She has traveled extensively to various parts of the world including Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Hawaii, New York, New Mexico, Colorado, and throughout California, to study, create, perform and collaborate with other visionary artists. Natalie studied dance production, choreography, Afro-Haitian, West African, jazz and Dunham technique at Laney College. Holding a strong background in Ballet, Hip Hop and dances of the African and Latin Diaspora a unique movement vocabulary and voice as emerged for her as a movement artist. Currently a dancer in Alayo Dance Company, Dancing Earth, a model for BAMA (Bay Area Model for the Arts), dance instructor at Performing Arts Academy of Marin and Living Jazz, self employed as a body-worker/mind-body counselor, dance instructor, certified Zumba instructor, yoga and Pilates apprentice. Her leadership role as a dance artist is to inspire and empower, serving professional instruction that integrates technical training, performance skill, confidence, self-expression and creativity.

Natalia Aceves Natalia Aceves